Author: Graham

12 Weeks to Go!

And counting!   OK – so now you’ve got your revision timetable in place, and you understand the importance of using the information rather than just flicking through your textbooks and notes. But where to begin……….? Before you do anything else you must get yourself organised.  I talk to so many students who just haven’t got… Read more »

13 Weeks to Go!

Hopefully by now you have your revision plan in place – you know when your exams are, what topics you need to revise, when revision classes are being held, and so on.  You should have a clear picture of what you will be doing in the weeks and months ahead. So how do you revise? There… Read more »

14 Weeks to Go!

The iGCSE Science exam clock is ticking! The first science exam for all examination boards is on Tuesday afternoon, 14thMay.  According to my reckoning, that 14 weeks away – 14 weeks!!   That doesn’t sound like a lot of time.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly those 14 weeks will flash by.  But don’t panic!   There’s still… Read more »

How the new GCSE grading system works

Today is results day for GCSE exams.  There have been significant changes in the way that grades are recorded and reported, and many people are confused about the new system.  Here is an extract from a report published today in the Evening Standard. ‘9 is the highest grade pupils can achieve in the new GCSEs… Read more »

Summer Learning Loss

  The summer holidays should be a wonderful time for children.  Most of us will have memories of breaking up from school, with the holidays stretching before us.  Although memories can be selective, I do recall that summer holidays were always sunny, and we did so much exploring and playing. And children should enjoy the… Read more »

My Top 6 Exam Tips

1. Remember to pace yourself through the exam – one mark per minute! 2. If you are provided with a data sheet, such as for Chemistry or Physics, make sure you use it! 3. If you’re doing a calculation question, are you expected to give the unit or is it already given? In many calculation… Read more »

It’s Revision Time Again!

All over the country thousands of students will be revising towards their exams that will be happening over the next few months.  I receive so many emails asking the magic question – “What is the most effective revision technique?”  I have to admit that I do not have the magic answer.  Every student is unique,… Read more »

Using a potometer to measure transpiration in biology

As a biology teacher for over 30 years I know how difficult it is to measure transpiration rates in plants using a potometer.  They are notoriously difficult to set up, and getting reliable class results is a real challenge.  I was therefore very pleased to come across this video from the National Science Learning Centre…. Read more »

International GCSE Sciences are changing!

I have just received an update from Pearson about their intended changes to Edexcel InternationalGCSE qualifications. Here is a summary of their information: – the first exam series for the revised Science International GCSEs will be the May/June 2019 – the grading system will change to the new 9 – 1 being used for GCSEs… Read more »

How Many Elements Are There In The Periodic Table?

This is a question that I get asked so many times by my students, and to be honest I have never really been able to give a definitive answer – until now! On December 30th the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) announced the official recognition of elements Uup, Uus and Uuo with… Read more »