International GCSE Sciences are changing!

I have just received an update from Pearson about their intended changes to Edexcel InternationalEdexcel draft specGCSE qualifications. Here is a summary of their information:

– the first exam series for the revised Science International GCSEs will be the May/June 2019
– the grading system will change to the new 9 – 1 being used for GCSEs
– the specifications should be available in May this year for those who wish to teach over 3 years starting in September 2016
– a new “Science (Single Award)” will be available for those who want a qualification worth one GCSE. This will be a reduced version of the content of Science (Double Award).

I will continue to update you as and when I receive new information from the examination boards but in the meantime please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you require any further explanation.

All of my ‘Course in a Box’ resources will be upgraded to mirror the examination board changes as soon as we receive the final specifications. Don’t forget that you can access all of my free resources by accessing my site at: