Month: March 2019

7 Weeks to Go!

A few weeks ago I sent out a blog post in which I highlighted that there is no such thing as a ‘photographic memory’.   It just doesn’t exist, and everybody has to make an effort to learn information by revising prior to their exams. I hope that by now you will have finished your courses,… Read more »

8 Weeks to Go!

OK, so now things are getting serious!  The next 8 weeks will whizz by, and very soon you’ll be facing your first science exam.  But hopefully you’ve got everything under control, and you’re following your amazing revision plan. Before I forget to mention it, let’s talk very briefly about keeping everything in perspective and self-care.  … Read more »

9 Weeks to Go!

In my last post I shocked a few people with my statement that you can ‘Get marks on your Science paper without knowing any Science!’.    Well, did you check it out?  Hopefully you did, and now you know that you can get some very useful marks from data handling questions. The majority of questions will… Read more »

10 Weeks to Go!

How are you getting on with your revision plan?  Hopefully by now you are well into a routine, and everyday you are ticking off more subject content on your list.  I want to share with you something that is quite amazing: Get marks on your Science paper without knowing any Science! What?  Have I gone… Read more »