8 Weeks to Go!

OK, so now things are getting serious!  The next 8 weeks will whizz by, and very soon you’ll be facing your first science exam.  But hopefully you’ve got everything under control, and you’re following your amazing revision plan.

Before I forget to mention it, let’s talk very briefly about keeping everything in perspective and self-care.   It’s so important to take breaks from your revision, and have some planned ‘down-time’.  Do something for yourself every day – this may involve going to the gym, or a bit of shopping, or keeping up with a favourite hobby.

If you can get out in the fresh air then that will really help. And don’t neglect your diet – we’re not talking here about weight loss or weight gain, but simply having regular meal times, with plenty of fruit and veg.  Think about your source of protein intake, and try to keep everything balanced.   I’m the world’s worst when it comes to drinking water – I need to be constantly reminded to take regular sips of water, but research has shown the importance of staying hydrated.

Perhaps most important of all is the need to get regular sleep. During sleep your body will process what you’ve been learning.  Before going to bed make sure you really switch-off. Watch television if you want, but the best relaxation is to read.  Avoid doing anything that involves looking at a phone screen, or a computer screen. And whatever else you do, leave the phone out of the bedroom.  Put it on charge elsewhere, but do not take your phone to bed with you!

The last point about switching off before bedtime is just so important.  You need to get into good sleep patterns with sufficient hours of rest.  Your aim should be to wake refreshed and raring to go!

Exams are important, but your health should be your primary concern. If you’re finding everything getting on top of you then find somebody to talk to.  Sometimes it’s so good to offload to a sympathetic ear!