GCSE Physics Videos – Production Update!

udemy physicsAfter many hours of slide production and video recording the GCSE Physics Course is now nearing completion. I’m working on the last section, and I will then be releasing the Physics alongside the Biology and Chemistry components.

The entire course will represent the culmination of hundreds of hours of work, and over 5000 individual slides.

My main site www.igcsesciencecourses.com will be updated to accommodate the Physics videos, and there will be special deals including possible licence agreements so that educational establishments will be able to share all the videos with their students for a one-off annual payment.  I hope to also extend my Udemy courses to include both the Biology and Physics components – it’s amazing how the Udemy membership has grown, and I now have over 2000 subscribers.

So watch this site for further updates, and be one of the first to receive the complete video series for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Bye for now!