Classroom Of The Future

Classroom of the future

Are you still unsure that online teaching is the way to go?  This morning I received a link from Khan Academy to a video from USA Today titled ‘The Classroom of the Future”.  The video reported on the work of Knewton and Khan Academy, two of the leaders in developing online teaching.

The video is really worth a watch, and I’ve included it here for your enjoyment – just click on the image above to get direct access to the video report.

I’ve been a great fan of the Khan Academy for quite a while, but I’ve got to admit that I’ve not come across Knewton before.  Both organisations are passionate about making online learning affordable across the globe, and they really are making a difference.

I hope you enjoy the video and feel inspired to have a go at making your own resources.  But don’t worry, as long as there are great teachers there will always be a need for the reality of the classroom!

Until next time,